Carter Terrace | San Francisco, CA

This multi-family residence produced an architecture with a strong organizing order, but one that maintained distinct moments that engaged the residents and enhanced the quality of their surroundings. +

Carter Terrace is a 101-unit affordable housing development on a 3.3-acre site developed by Mercy Housing California and funded by the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and State Tax credits. The design utilizes walk up unit types organized around a system of pedestrian and vehicular streets and separate parking courts accommodating the steeply sloping site. A Community center, embedded in the land has a large two-story meeting room, which opens out onto the main public plaza.

The plan sets a precedent for further development in the area by defining a pattern of on site streets and open spaces. It is a typology of urban spaces reminiscent of older San Francisco neighborhoods.

The three-story walks up units are all dual aspect, maximizing view and light in the apartments. Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors and corner windows provide many of the units with distant views of the East Bay hills. The exterior expression is a composition of subtly shifting planes of board siding, slatted wood railings and cement plaster walls painted in warm muted tones.

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