Cut Out House | San Francisco, CA

The Cut Out House is a 2500 square foot, two bedroom complete remodel of a Victorian built over a century ago and previously untouched since the 1920s. +

In order to create a modern home, the existing interior structure had to be completely reorganized. We reversed the original flow, turning the back of the site into the main living area. Each floor is placed between three slots so that the home connects vertically rather than horizontally. Traditional Victorian homes often are poorly lit and are disconnected from floor to floor but by suspending floors, there is brightness and fluidity throughout the Cut Out House. In this exceptionally narrow lot (65 feet x 25 feet), solar orientation and natural light diffusion were paramount for making sure the home felt warm and open.

Placed in one of the slots, the bright orange stairs are used as an organizing principle. The perforated metal breaks apart floors and demarcates rooms while allowing the most light through possible.

In the open-concept floor plan, color and material were used to create structure. All cabinetry is either custom walnut or blue conversion varnish to add accents and further delineate space.

In order to maximize the small footprint of the house, the ground floor was excavated at the rear extension. To create a sense of harmony between inside and outside, the same velvety limestone is used throughout the garden and the ground floor: a living space is created throughout.

The back façade, which is tilted at 9 degrees, is built of a custom field-glazed steel frame with insulated glass. The angle over two stories–a canted facade–maximizes spaciousness. Combined with the exterior metal fins, the glass offers not only solar protection but oblique views from neighbors.

By reconceptualizing the entire space itself and reversing the program orientation of the home, a traditional house is reinvented.

  • Awards:
  • 2017 AIA California Council Residential Design Award