Drum Road | Tahoe, CA

The Drum Rd house is a lakefront property in Tahoe that melts into its site. +

The client, a native of Lake Tahoe and Iran, fondly remembered his childhood and wanted a home that reflected his outdoor summers with modern sensibilities. This house stands within its location, a realization of fixing a strongly modern home on a delicate plate of land. In the middle of the site of the home was a 30' tall tree which will be undisturbed for construction, the home's own natural flagpole.

Law indicated that only non-reflective material be used, further adding to the intricate assimilation of opposition (new) and composition (nature).

The front of the home–which faces the road, is closed off—a hardened edge of solitude to juxtapose the openness towards the water. The main facade is softened by breaks--optical illusions created the lighter wood. The lighter wood—a teak–is used throughout the interior to create lightness.

From the back, the home is open and aesthetically linked while being physically disconnected. Nature itself is elegantly disjointed and the light and dark brown paneling echoes the pine trees which flank the property on any side. The concrete exterior flooring, textured and colored like the boulders it lays atop.

The home becomes an ode to the client’s past and a nod to his present.