400 Grove | San Francisco, CA

34-unit mixed-use development in the heart of Hayes Valley. +

400 Grove Street is a 34-unit mixed-use development in the heart of Hayes Valley, San Francisco. The development began in 2013, on a site surrounded by local iconic architectural projects. The concept of the building stemmed from creating a structure that fit into the urban fabric of this neighborhood while still providing a sense of residency.

The fa├žades of the building are faceted at angles designed to capture desirable views and redirect those less so. The facets made with wood dowels echo traditional bay windows prevalent throughout the neighborhood. The units themselves are designed so that each one may have views into the bustling Hayes Valley street scene, as well as views towards the western hilly neighborhoods. Most units will have light from at two sides and an individual expression from the street, granting each a feeling of a detached home, with the amenities associated with urban living.