Macarthur | Oakland, CA

A 5000 square foot remodel of an existing historic building for a non-profit client. +

By arranging the 16 units around a courtyard, all of the units are provided with ventilation and light from two directions. Four residential stories are constructed of a Type V wood frame construction over a post-tensioned concrete slab at the courtyard. The ground floor includes a 1,000 square foot commercial space and 17 parking spaces, 16 of which incorporate a motorized stacking system. Each housing unit is two stories, with loftlike organization, and has a private couryard facing outdoor space.

The exterior is a combination of stucco, wood, and large aluminum windows facing the street, and stucco and lattice-like railings that filter light and provide privacy to bedrooms on the courtyard side. A contemporary housing typology is introduced to a transitional neighborhood.