Nautilus | Oakland, CA

A market rate and affordable housing development in the heart of Oakland's Temescal district. +

The siting of the project seeks to take advantage of the natural and cultural features of Temescal and fit into the existing fabric of the neighborhood: a park and greenbelt developed by the community; repurposed alley with former carriage houses turned local, artisan retail; and ground floor retail along the main artery of Telegraph Avenue.

Retail is located on the corner of 51st and Telegraph with direct street access, while smaller townhouses face the more residential neighborhood along Clarke Street. New public pedestrian paths within the site will encourage pedestrian mobility and create a connection between the community developed park to the retail presence along Telegraph. A large open plaza will provide public space for pop up shops to carry on the spirit of Temescal Alley.

The life force of the development, however, is in its abundance of lush landscaping, green terraces, and rooftop urban agriculture. The harvested items are intended to provide for the residents and local restaurants. The combination of the urban farm and garden terraces will create a distinctive and iconic structure built to blend in with the unique character of the neighborhood while simultaneously softening the overall mass of the building.