Park Merced | San Francisco, CA

This new four story development, comprising 64 units, will be the first building to break ground on the Park Merced redevelopment. +

The building’s distinct staggered profile is caused by the off-set stacking of two “L”s. The façade’s dynamic nature is further emphasized by the use of contrasting perforated and corrugated metal. The units, ranging from studios to three bedroom apartments, are designed to be Adaptable-Accessible, as well as highly energy efficient. The building entrance is located on Vidal drive. 40 of the 64 units are replacements under the Park Merced development agreement, so Fougeron Architecture has paid particular attention to improving the quality of living for the existing inhabitants, providing them with units which are equivalent in size but more comfortable, amenable and sensitive to the site. Particular emphasis has been placed on community spaces, which include a first floor lobby, a basement fitness room, and a second floor community room. The building surrounds a landscaped courtyard.