Planned Parenhood Eastmont | Oakland, CA

The principal intent of the center was to give the clients and the staff an atmosphere of beauty that expresses both warmth and worth and encourage their interaction. +

From the inside of the mall, the new illuminated storefront and a large aluminum sign serve as beacons to direct clients into the clinic without compromising their privacy. Although the clinic is organized in a conventional U-shaped plan, the articulation of the spaces within the clinic is unconventional.

The main lobby and waiting rooms are enclosed from the mall by a storefront that is surrounded by sandblasted glass. It allows privacy for clients in the waiting area while still emphasizing transparency and openness that was important to our client.

Within the lobby, custom vertical and overhead screens subdivide the waiting area into two distinct spaces, one designated for adults and the other for children to play. A curved wall with a bench serves as a resting spot, creating a place for clients and staff to gather. Its bold red color is balanced by the warm tones of the walls around it and the blond woodwork of the seat.

Security upgrades such as the large bullet resistant window and wall are disguised with the use of the same unconventional materials and detailing as the screens. They provide maximum security for the employees while putting the clientele at ease.

The corridors are designed to be seen like streets, animated through the play of natural light, form, and color. Light and space construction were important as the bones of the clinic could not be torn down. Large skylights with dramatically canted shafts flood the interior with natural light, continuous steel clerestory windows of colored and sandblasted glass along the corridor walls glows. This allows light to penetrate deep inside the offices and exam rooms.

The importance of this project was to integrate the needs of the clinic, the clients and the staff with a functional yet atypical design. Large custom steel graphic panels reaffirm Planned Parenthood's philosophy of education and community involvement. They are proof that the client program, mission, and architecture are fully integrated.

  • Awards:
  • 2002 Modern Healthcare and AIA Design Award
  • Press:
  • 2003/03 Architecture