Planned Parenthood Eddy Street | San Francisco, CA

The deisgn harmonized health and safety, design and need. +

This project entailed remodeling 7000 sq ft of office space for Planned Parenthood Golden Gate in San Francisco. The design for this administrative floor of Planned Parenthood uses a number of tools to break up a monotonous and deep floor plate with low ceilings.

We used transparent and sandblasted glass along the perimeter office walls to open up the space and allow natural light deep into the interior. The office walls glow day and night, creating an abstract and luminous background for the custom steel workstations. These finely detailed and crafted workstations are clad along their edges with wood slats, which heighten the impression of transparency and introduce a tactile quality to the interior. Canted overhead canopies further the visual interest of the workstations, breaking up the plane of t bar ceiling. Also they help to soften the artificial fluorescent lighting above.

The core and communal functions are housed in free standing volumes which are partially clad in gyp. board and painted a bright red further enlivening the work environment. Sandblasted clerestories and black steel bands cap off the volumes. The red wall is first visible at the reception desk, acting as a brilliant backdrop to the mission statement silk screened on Plexiglas - reminding all visitors of the important work done by Planned Parenthood.