Ryerson University | Toronto, ON, Canada

The concept for this design is to create a dynamic living environment that feeds the body and the mind - twisted six story rectangles stack at 90 degrees creating an iconic building form. +

The design features:

dorm floors either oriented north/south or east/west
6 colleges with 6 identities
each has varied communal spaces/activities encouraging students to visit all six colleges
each college has a unique identity, allowing students to "discover themselves" within a like-minded community
open structure and building: student life is visible to the whole city and the community: an active and transparent connection to Toronto new high rise living with the same amenities as living on the ground: outdoor spaces, streets, gathering places, cafes, food, gardens and exercising each college has a kitchen with a garden, a lounge and study spaces: the students are encouraged to have a more holistic life style learning how to feed the body and mind a pedestrian and biking ramp is a symbol of this new integrated life style and a powerful urban gesture

330 foot tall, 27 floors
560 beds: undergraduates, graduates, post graduates, married students, faculty + administrative staff, visiting scholars
27,300 sqft of public spaces: gym, gallery, learning spaces, theater, bar, cafe, lounge
30,100 sqft of green spaces: community + college gardens, performance space, urban farms