Suspension House | Napa, CA

Suspended between two beautiful California hills, this remodel spans a creek and boasts a waterfall in the back yard. +

In the state of California, it is no longer legal for homes to be suspended over a creek. Therefore, we were under strict guidelines to use the using an existing structure as the basis for our design: following the exact outline of the existing house and decks.

Our goal with this unique site was was to enhance the relationship of the structure to the nearby bodies of water. We anchored the new structure to the flanks of the hill (all bedrock) so that suspends the home completely over the water. Transparent materials and new site-lines open the house both to the back waterfall and the front and new decks provide desirable outdoor space.

The 2 first floors structures and orientation are within the confines of the existing house but the new third floor's orientation rotates 90 degrees to better relate to the site. This shift breaks up the mass on the structure and differentiates itself from the lower floors.

A steel structure was inserted underneath the existing floors, this allowed for the expansion of the third floor as well as the removal of all structural columns presently in the creek bed. The system is accented on all the floors by painting all the beams and columns yellow. Atop the steel frame, a roof hovers, creating a dynamic space and clerestory windows.

A man-made object in nature may exist in harmony or disparity. Our goal was to reconnect this structure into the environment while best utilizing the exceptional site for our clients.