Windsor at Dogpatch | San Francisco, CA

A project designed to bridge the gap of an emerging neighborhood while providing a modern perspective. +

Located at the south-eastern most corner of the Dogpatch Historic District, the Windsor at Dogpatch bridges the gap between small scale residential historic buildings to the north and large warehouse scaled buildings to the south and west. To address these two building types, the project is first articulated as three separate but related buildings, each aiming to respectfully represent the significant elements of Dogpatch history: American industry, and housing for its workers.

The round-ended building along 3rd street, emblematic of the silo, employs industrial shape and materialily through the use of faceted perforated metal panels. Turning the corner to the 23rd street building, the metal panel material turns on its end as a reinterpretation of the bay-window. The Tennessee street building further reduces its scale as it approaches its more residential neighbors by stepping down, stepping back, and softening the overall material palette. Further, the overall site-strategy allows for greater than required mass reductions along a generous mid-block alley, which buffers the residential nieghborhood and shortens the overall block length.

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