TRANSBAY 6/7 | San Francisco, CA

Proposal for the townhome component of Transbay Block 6/7, a development consisting of 300 market rate and 150 low-income housing units designed in conjunction with SOM and LMSA. +

The design of the townhouses reinforces the concept of "Harmonious Diversity". The townhouses along Clementina Street have open staircases that connect the alley back to the communal courtyard in the back. Two 2 boardwalks-- one along the tower and one mid block--allow residents to cut across the mid-block from Folsom Street through the communal gardens to Clementina Street all the way to Block 7.

The porous quality of this site plan reinforces the concept that this block is one place where residents from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds will live in harmony. The exterior, while reminiscent of older San Francisco architecture with its bay windows is decisively modern. The front facade is glass, stucco and metal paneling. The entries and open stairways with balconies are clad in wood, like the balconies in the tower. The open floors plan with lofts and 2 story spaces can accommodate many different residents from young professionals to families.