Transbay Block 8 | San Francisco, CA

A three-building design made to capture all the needs of city dwelling.
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Transbay Block 8 includes three buildings, the two podium buildings are designed by Fougeron Architecture and a tower designed by OMA. The affordable housing units in the podium buildings maintain an urban gesture to the neighborhood and open the site to the public. There will be a mid-block thoroughfare between parallel streets, creating a paseo for both Block 8 residents and neighbors alike. The same slice that creates the paseo, translates up through the tower, simultaneously tapering the tower to address the stepping requirement of Transbay Development Controls and Design Guidelines, as well as orienting the residences with more prominent views of both downtown and the San Francisco bay. This urban living room, the paseo, will provide a diverse program to activate the space day and night. Pedestrians can pick up a bite to eat, read a book, meet friends, or take a shortcut to pick up their two-wheelers at the bike kitchen. The urban living room can transform into an outdoor cinema at night. Pop-up market stalls to host a farmer's market are envisioned along the Paseo and Clementina street. The Folsom Street side of Block 8 will be filled with retail shops and residential lobbies, creating a dynamic and accessible site from any direction. At the podium level, the buildings flanking either side of the passageway gently slope back to enable more light and air and invite Block 8 residents and any neighbors to wander into the open space. Transbay 8 will not only be a residence but a new fabric and resource for the surrounding community.

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